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You have to demonstrate you might be ready for college prior

You have to demonstrate you might be ready for college prior.


Should you not meet these requirements, maybe you are advised to join up for a support that is co-requisite along with your math and English course, or you might be advised to join up for an intensive, reading and writing course ahead of college composition. Support courses are created to help you in completing your English and math courses through your first semester. Do you really need math or English courses to get a degree or certificate? You are strongly encouraged to take these classes during your first semester. Advisors will help you into the right course.

International students or students seeking to boost their English, please click here.

Options to Demonstrate College Readiness

Option 1. ACT, SAT or Accuplacer Scores

Unofficial ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer placement test scores from inside the past five (5) years may be submitted online.

The test that is minimum to demonstrate College Readiness are as follows:

  • ACT | English: 18 | Math: 19 for MAT 120/135 or 23 for MAT 121
  • SAT (Taken ahead of March 2016) | Critical Reading: 430 for English | Math: 460
  • SAT (Taken after March 2016) | Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 470 for English | Math: 500 for MAT 120/135 | Math: 560 or more for MAT 121
  • Classic Accuplacer | Sentence Skills: 95 | Reading Comprehension: 80 (Recommended) | Elementary Algebra: 60 for MAT 120/135 | Elementary Algebra: 85 for MAT 121
  • Next Generation Accuplacer | Writing: 246 for ENG 121 | Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics: 240 for MAT 120/135/155/156 | Advanced Algebra and procedures: 245 for MAT 121/123.
  • Scores from advanced placement exams, international baccalaureate exams, and/or CLEP exams from within the past five (5) years may also be submitted for review at the Testing Center.

Option 2. High School Coursework & GPA

  • College-Level Math Course without Support Lab
  • If you're currently in or graduated senior high school in the past two years with a 2.75 cumulative unweighted GPA and passed Algebra II or Math III with a «B» grade or better you may sign up for any entry college-level math course without a support lab.
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